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Grief Work

We need a place to be sad, cry, and mourn the losses we are experiencing, whether it be a death related to Covid-19 or, a loved one that has a terminal diagnosis, the loss of job, a pet, a move or for the way things used to be.

I will create a safe place for you to explore all the feelings you are going through.  I will “sit” with you, comfort you, and help you process your grief so that you can begin the work that is necessary to heal. 

Together we will:

  • Create a sacred and safe space in which you can let go of your emotions knowing that I will honor your grief journey

  • Create a blank slate for you to talk about your loved one what they meant to you, what they have left you with, what you wish you had said, what you might be angry about, what you wish you knew more about and how to go about learning as much as possible about that particular incident, time, or event and how to reconcile what was left unsaid or what you wish you had done

  • I will provide a template for you to write, paint, compose a song, prepare a list of what needs to still be done with regard to an estate, selling a home, moving, tying up loose ends. I will share my list of resources that can be of great help to you as you walk this path

  • We will discuss how to prepare for the year of 1st’s.  How you can honor your loved one during the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

  • Legacy work – what is it, how to do it, why you will want to do it

End of Life Work

Preparing for our own deaths is a difficult subject matter today as we have sanitized this part of life.  Not long ago we talked about our own deaths but today everyone talks around it and doesn’t want to face it.  Here’s the thing though, if you do prepare and talk about it, your loved ones that remain behind will be prepared for that eventual day and will be so grateful that they have honored your wishes because you have it all laid out for them.  No questions remain about what they need to know, or do, should you die suddenly or from a long-term illness that makes doing these things seem insurmountable while facing your own or your loved one’s presumptive passing.

Together we will:

  • Learn about your wishes through a living will, what is it and, what you need to do to get it written.

  • Learn about all the different Advanced Directives to have in place, signed POLST forms, MPOA, Financial POA’s, DNR’s and subtleties of this form, who needs to be in charge of these forms, where do you keep them and other potential matters.

  • Why and what to include in letters to your family and friends, your bucket list, what’s on it and why it’s important to write it all out. 

  • Is forgiveness on your list of “to do’s”?  What forgiveness does in those weeks and days leading to transition.

  • What kind of memorial, funeral or, life celebration do you want?  Where do you want it take place, and other important information your family and friends will need to know?

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