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Caddy-Wampus - The World is Tilting

The other day, I woke up crying, as my eyes opened the tears streamed down my face. I knew immediately what was wrong. I was connecting with a deep sadness. I knew why I was crying, and I knew I couldn’t do anything about it or, maybe I could.

It came to me that the world has tilted, we are caddy-wampus, off our axis. I was talking with a friend and it came to light in that word description our whole world is whacked out. Now, that may not be news to anyone, and it certainly isn’t the first time during this pandemic and upheaval in our society that I have noticed it. It’s just that the words describe the feeling to a “T”. Once I recognized caddy-wampus in its true form, I realized it was no wonder we are all struggling to find our footing. We are all walking around at a tilt! It’s not easy to become upright again, our muscles have adjusted to this bizarre state of being, after all for the last 5 months we have been in a side-ways position. We are not used to this. Our minds are not used to this, our souls are not used to this. We are out of control. It’s confusing, weird, upsetting, just not normal. We are all questioning ourselves, our own prejudices, our own belief systems, our purpose. Why are we here at this moment in our world’s history?

I know that my feelings of tremendous empathy and deep sorrow can be numbing and disabling. I also knew I needed to find solid, flat ground to place myself upon. I may not be able to right the world, in fact I can’t, but, I can right my world and lift my consciousness by remembering who I am, and why I am here. I have a job to do… work on a soul level that needs to be fulfilled.

I needed to connect to that which is the very heart of me. It was time to write. For me, writing helps me center myself. I feel grounded. And, in the grounding I was able to feel a sense of accomplishment. It was action that helped me dry my tears and release me from paralysis. That was what I needed. John Bradshaw, author, and speaker said, “Nothing changes, if nothing changes, if nothing changes…” How about you, have you found a way to re-center yourself, place your feet firmly on flat ground, change your position and become upright again?

I work with a caring team of professionals at UpSizeYourSoul. We know that people are in great need right now, that they are sad, lonely, afraid, lacking confidence, self-doubting, and depressed; they are frozen, so much so, that they can’t pick up the phone to call a friend. Many of us go into our caves and don’t want to come out until we know it’s safe. If you choose to stay in your cave and not reach out, at least ask yourself, “When do I feel the most complete, the most fulfilled, the most at peace?” You have the answer, it’s inside of you. Then, one hand at a time, reach out, in YOUR way and see if it helps lift your spirits a bit. One small adjustment at a time to find your balance again. It might just help you feel a little more normal and not so caddy-wampus.

Please know the team is committed to holding space for you, we have open arms ready for you to fall into. And while we may not be able to literally hold you right now, we can see you through video conferencing, we can hear you through the phone lines, we can feel your energy and listen. We are here for you.

If you need to connect with others and haven’t been able to, try it. We have created classes and support groups to straighten your tilting world and support you on this new journey. To learn more, please visit

In Peace,


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